Saturday, February 15, 2014

The obstetrician:
"It has taken a long process until the baby came out, but it was time for him to take his first breath.." 
The nurse:
"We needed him to come out now! Especially as a global commitment to the others who were involved into this birth!"
The grand mother:
"For the human history!!!" ...sarcastic comments and laughters.
The old voice of a man came out with this reflection:
"But It's a poor, premature, horrible baby. We expected him to be something else! And now some of us are horrified to look at him! We forced him a bit too much, we used to much violence to get him out from his confortable uterus and now he's not yet a whole being, but a sort of suffering, disconnected creature, half dead, half-human and half-animal, a deformed fetus without legs. "
"And what about the mother? She's still alive?" ask another woman from outside the hall.
Somebody shouted "She is the cause of all our problems!!!" 
A woman who looks like a man asked:
"So, shall we kill the baby?" 
silence. Expressions of confusion.
"No, because we all know..." she goes further..
" And what we all should know??" shouted the italian boy "That something is missing in the picture? Obviously, a white flag, a new agreement, a compromise. Do something, I donno, a peacefull reunification, a new upcoming structure, but... "
From far away a little child came out of her cartboard box.
"Why don't you just live and let live each others in peace?"
"People, don't bore me with your stupid problems. I am buisy with more important things." That was the father in law.

And then, suddenly, the baby started to talk, like in a subconscient state of dream:
"Some people need to feel secure, some people need more time, some people are gealous, other people don't know what they want. Some people are acondiscending, some other need to be guided, some other are just not there. There are some people trying to make compromises and some other are flying in the sky with the birds of the 7th floor, and there are people who really don't give a shit. Some people even eat cat food..."
"...other put dead branches into the toilet. Some people talk too much and listen to less, some other people are done..."
" Somethimes you can feel a sort of Hichcockian aura walking trough the corridors of the Greenhouse. Who is he?"
"Some people are wishpering words in the air, like winter snow, too soft to understand."
The baby again:
"Other people think that they know everything, but do YOU know???? Each one teach one. Maybe I'll will be the biggest lesson for us all!! 
"Not what we expected, in any case.." commented an ennoied, distracted voice.
The dancer:
"But look: he is there, now. He moves. He has always moved and he will constantly changing form in front of us all, from his deeper inside, underground, under his grotesque, heavy costume."
General Laughters...


And now, the questions of the week:
1) "Shall they kill the baby?"
Post a message with the answer "YES" or "NO" down in the Greenhouse post. YOU may be the one who can win very special artistic services by our fantastic gottlieb-dunkel events management company during the entire festival. 
2) "Who is the cat food eater?" 
For all of them who get the right answer, we will assure you a "Special Food " treatment during the entire festival. 
Don't miss your chance!!!! Deley date : sunday 16 februar.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014



2 1 F E B R U A R Y - 9 M A R C H  2 0 1 4

The 7th floor Gottlieb-Dunkel Indipendent Artists proudly present: A Melting Arts Festival. Expositions, Performing Arts, Live Music, Poetry, Video Installations, Jazz, Sound Installations, DJ sets, Live Paintings, Work in Progress, Art Residences, Cinema,...

G O T T L I E B D U N K E L D I O S A M A S C U R O D I E U A I M E F O N C E חושך  אלוהים אהבה B Ò G K O C H A C I E M N Y G O D L O V E S D A R K D E U S A M A N I G R A G U O E L S K A R M Y R K R I N U ದೇ ರು ಡಾ ರ್ಕ್ಲ ವ್ಸ್ D E U S A M A E S C U R O दे ता D U M N E Z E U I U B E Ș T E Î N T U N E C A T Ă G U D F Ö R Ä L S K E L S E M Ö RG O T T L I E B D U N K E L D I O S A M A S C U R O D I E U A I M E F O N C E חושך  אלוהים אהבה B Ò G K O C H A C I E M N Y G O D L O V E S D A R K D E U S A M A N I G R A G U O E L S K A R M Y R K R I N U ದೇ  ರು ಡಾ ರ್ಕ್ಲ ವ್ಸ್ D E U S A M A E S C U R O दे        ता  D U M N E Z E U I U B E Ș T E Î N T U N E C A T Ă U D F Ö R Ä L S K E L S E M Ö R

The Green House, Gottlieb-Dunkel Str 43-44, Berlin-Neukölln-Tempelhof, 7th Floor, Bus 277 4 stations from Hermannstrasse to Saalbourgstrasse